Research Summary

The focus of my research is in metaphysics and the philosophy of mathematics. I am especially interested in the "Aristotelian revival" that has been taking place in some quarters of analytic philosophy. In my dissertation, I draw on contemporary work in neo-Aristotelian metaphysics to argue for a form of mathematical structuralism that combines belief in Aristotelian universals with an essence-based account of mathematical truth. I believe this combination of views can elegantly account for the epistemology of mathematics while easily explaining the necessity of mathematics and its applicability in natural science.
You can read a general overview of my dissertation in the first chapter, here. The dissertation can be found here.

Apart from my dissertation work, I am also interested in medieval philosophy, political theory and PPE. I regularly teach courses on these subjects, and I have given PPE talks on epistocracy and late-scholastic political thought, among other topics. You can find handouts for some of my talks below.

Talks and Presentations

"Mathematical Reduction, Treating-As, and Abstraction" (Handout)
"Aquinas and Locke on Property" (Presentation)
"Hard Cases, Particularism, and Moral Absolutes: Traditional Morality and Recent Trends in Ethics" (Handout)
"Against Epistocracy" (Handout)