About Me


I grew up in San Bernardino, California, and before attending UCLA for my undergraduate work I spent time at Cal State University, San Bernardino and San Bernardino Valley College. My dad is a southern California native, and my mother moved to the United States with her family as a child.

I'm married and have one daughter, Isabella, and a newborn son, Rafael. Isabella likes "naranjas," "m'animals" and "m'Elmo" (sic). We are still figuring out what Rafael likes.


Before I decided to become a philosopher, I wanted to be a pianist. My father is a professional trumpet player, and I played alto sax before studying piano seriously. Throughout graduate school I've practiced on my electric keyboard (with 88 keys, weighted), though I look forward to someday playing on a baby grand again. My favorite composers to play are Bach and Chopin.

In Chapel Hill, I'm a member of St. Thomas More parish, where I attend regularly and have helped teach Sunday School.